A Great Coyote Hunt

January 21, 2015

This year I had a chance to hunt coyote with some great folks. The goal was to learn more about the wiley coyote, and did I ever! I have hunted coyotes in the past with other folks, but this was a chance to gain experience from the likes of Bryce Pilling of Dry Creek Outfitters, Bob Openheimer, and Garrett Woolstenhulme of Red Creek Outfitters. These gents have more experience hunting coyotes than I have years to my credit.

Scott Engen, one of the great freelance writers for the NRA Publications, accompanied me. Scott and I worked up a load for his Rem 700 chambered for one of the great varmint rounds known as the Rem 223. Scott used the 50 grain Barnes Varmin-A-Tors and 24.5 grains of Hodgdon’s Benchmark for a load that shot into 1/2 minute of angle and chronographed at 3150 fps. This would be much better than my gun would shoot. My load of choice was the time tested and proven 100 grain 25 caliber X-Bullet. I was able to get minute of angle performance even though my shooting skills are in need of some practice.

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we hunted and listened to the great stories of the much wiser guides. A lot of area was covered in the two days of hunting and calling for the mysterious coyotes. In the end we had been beaten, not only by the rugged terrain and scorching sun, but the wiley coyote had given us the slip.

I want to thank our guides for the great hunt, many stories, and the wealth of knowledge that was shared. I hope you enjoy the story and photos as much as I enjoyed the hunt.
It’s time for you to make your own stories. Enjoy!

Ty Herring
Barnes Bullets
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