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Hunting Magazine - June, 2004

December, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Barnes Hunts With Trinity Oaks And Wounded Veterans Product Availability Alert Coni’s Corner Success Story Ty’s Tips This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize ARGH Online: Big Game Issue Product Availability Alert Match Burners – .224″ 85-gr and 7mm 171-gr Will Be Back In Stock This Month Barnes’ Tips, Tools & Techniques [...]

2013 Fall Rebate

Barnes is proud to announce the 2013 Fall Rebate. Barnes customers have the opportunity to get up to $20 cash back on VOR-TX Ammunition. VOR-TX Ammunition is precision loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. Barnes introduced the VOR-TX line of ammunition in 2010. VOR-TX is available in major cartridges and new for 2013 [...]

VOR-TX Rifle

VOR-TX Rifle Ammunition Purpose: Premium Hunting Ammunition Barnes® VOR-TX® is precision ammunition loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. Barnes, the leader in bullet innovation offers hunters the ultimate in accuracy, terminal performance and handloaded precision in a factory loaded round. Offering double-diameter expansion, maximum weight retention and excellent accuracy, the TSX®, Tipped TSX™ [...]

January 2013, Barnes Bullet-N

NEW FOR 2013 New 2013 Barnes TAC-XPD™ Defense Ammunition Loaded with Barnes TAC-XP™ Bullets Barnes introduces the TAC-XPD line of Defense Ammunition: an “Optimized for Carry or Home Defense” solution. Loaded with the venerable Barnes TAC-XP bullets, TAC-XPD ammunition is engineered and designed to deliver top performance when it is most critical: in life-threatening situations. [...]

December 2011 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:   Club-X Friends, I wanted to let you know this will be my last regular, monthly column that I write for the newsletter. I’m sure I will drop in from time-to-time with a yarn or two, but the format is changing for 2012 so I have been given the boot! Only kidding. [...]

Load Data – 1

For immediate access to ALL new Triple-Shock, Varmint Grenade, MRX, Banded Solids and other load data as it becomes available from the Barnes ballistics lab, click here to become a Copper Club Member! For assistance with troubleshooting, or additional load data for a particular cartridge and bullet weight, please call customer service at 1-800-574-9200 or [...]

July 2010 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:   As spring has come and gone, the heat of summer is upon us. This is the time of year that offers prime opportunities to get outdoors and hone our shooting skills with the assistance of prairie dogs, ground squirrels, and coyotes. I have always been an advocate of supporting the local [...]

Copper Club Reloading Manual #5

220 Swift22 Hornet 222 Remington 223 Remington 243 WSSM   257 Diameter 25 WSSM 250 Savage 257 Roberts 270 Winchester 270 Winchester Short Magnum 284 Winchester 7mm Winchester Short Magnum 7mm Remington Ultra Mag 7mm-08 Remington 30-06 Springfield 325 Winchester Short Magnum 8mm Remington Magnum 338 Diameter 378 Weatherby Magnum   410 Diameter 411 Diameter [...]

Copper Club Reloading Manual #4

.204 Diameter .204 Ruger .224 Diameter .222 Remington .223 Remington .22-250 Remington .224 Weatherby Magnum .220 Swift .223 Winchester Short Magnum   .243 Diameter .243 Winchester 6mm Remington .240 Weatherby Magnum .243 WSSM .257 Diameter .257 Roberts .257 Ackley Improved .25-06 Remington .257 Weatherby Magnum .25 WSSM .264 Diameter .260 Remington 6.5×55 SwedishMauser .264 Winchester [...]

Copper Club Reloading Manual #3

.224 Diameter .22 Hornet .222 Remington .223 Remington .222 Remington Magnum .224 Weatherby Magnum .22-250 Remington .22-250 Remington Improved .220 Swift .243 Diameter .243 Winchester 6mm Remington .240 Weatherby Magnum .257 Diameter .250-3000 Savage .257 Roberts .257 Ackley Improved .25-06 Remington .257 Weatherby Magnum .264 Diameter .260 Remington 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser 6.5-284 Norma [...]