3 for 1 with Brian Grubbs

January 19, 2015

I would like to thank everyone at Barnes for an outstanding job designing the new VOR-TX TTSX ammunition. Just weeks ago I was out on a Boar hunt in Northern California when I had an opportunity to fire my newly acquired .300 wsm at some game. The stalk on the pigs started out at roughly 400 yds but could not get in a good position to fire. My guide and I crept within 250 yds and found a spot for a good steady shot. Of course all three pigs were moving away from us so all I had was 3 butts facing me. The pigs continued traveling away from us up and over a small knoll.

Brian Grubbs 300 WSM 150 gr. TTSX Expanded Bullet
Brian’s Recovered Bullet

When we lost sight of the pigs we hightailed it down the mountain. We reached the base of the knoll expecting to find the pigs to be 100-150 yds out as we crested it. Little did we know they hadn’t traveled very far. We stumbled on them at just under 50 yds away. I could only see the top half of one of the pigs so I aimed a couple inches into the grass and fired one shot. The first pig dropped and the other two squealed and started to run away. My guide told me to take another one if I wanted to so I chambered a second round. Before I could take aim the second and third pig dropped dead within 10 yds of each other. Each pig had been hit in the vitals and lasted only seconds.

While skinning the third pig hit, the bullet was found lodged in the rib cage in perfect condition. The exit wound of the first pig was the size of a quarter as was the entry and exit on the second one. The third entry was just as big but finally came to a stop just short of a third exit. I have attached a few photos of the Pigs and the bullet for your records. It kind of looks like one of your ads. I will also be posting the pictures at our local Bass Pro Shop letting everyone know that Barnes VOR-TX TTSX is the best.

-Brian Grubbs